It is astounding that instead of upgrading their knowledge, training and riding techniques in the light of modern research, many trainers deliberately refuse this new knowledge on equine biomechanics in the name of "tradition".  This is creating a world of hurt for their clients' horses and a new generation who blame the horse for not being sound, never suspecting it's their training and shoeing choices breaking down their horses at a young age.


The Barefoot Blacksmith in Australia (Mayfield Barehoofcare Centre) leaders in laminitis & navicular rehabilitation with barefoot techniques, have an excellent newsletter with the latest research & tips for equine hoof health for barefoot horse keepers. Click here to sign up.



Disclaimer:  The material contained on this Equethy website is designed to offer suggestions that may help your horse have a better quality of life.  The information presented here are suggestions to resources that have greatly helped my own barefoot horses.  It is not meant to replace veterinary advice.  If your horse is suffering any lameness or health related condition we recommend that you seek out a Veterinarin familiar with barefoot rehabilitation techniques.